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i assist serves the right of all to professional and responsible medical care. i assist treats each case with the same thoroughness and makes sure that it is treated by specialized doctors. Adhering to the most advanced quality control procedures, our doctors receive continuous education and training and keep up to date with the latest developments in their field. Our nursing staff are also fully trained and experienced, offering an impeccable level of services, as well as information and support every day.

Protect your family…
protect your holiday

i assist and its doctors treat each patient as a human-being that needs to go back the soonest possible to his vacation and every day activity, healthy, with the minimum anxiety and pain.

i assist and its doctors apply fair pricing and make sure that cost is contained to the necessary, following agreements for standard rates and discounts for both inpatient and outpatient treatments and condemn practices of artificially overcharging cases.

i assist follows all the agreed claim procedures, in order to eliminate the frequency of declined claims, reduce the occurrence of bill reductions, protect the interests of its partnering doctors and the valuable time of the insurance companies agents.

i assist welcomes and evaluates all feedback, in order to maximize its efficiency and improve its services.


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